Magicx News

New Staten Island Barbecue Get’s Smoking Website

Peter, my good friend and may I add entrepreneurial maniac, just months ago opened the very cool Violettes Cellar, an equally impressive although very different restaurant – Cornerhouse Barbecue. This place is crazy good, a very nice addition to the dining venues. Always fun to work alongside fellow business owners who are passionate about pushing […]

Angelina’s Ristorante – New Room – New Website – New Events

Angelina’s has been a longstanding client of our for almost a decade.  We have been through a lot, including a fully flash website to a separate full screen and mobile site, and now to bigger and better things, and we are still standing strong.  To some of you who understand the history of websites you […]

Empire City Watersports Rides With NYC Web Design Firm

We always like to work with unique and exciting businesses.  Empire City Watersports certainly fits in that category.  As a Jetski Tour Company – they offer both rentals to simply enjoy a jet ski on a hot summer days or tour New York City in such a fun and unique perspective.  We had the opportunity […]

Shop Staten Island – SIEDC commercial production

In collaboration with the SIEDC and the support of Councilman Vincent Ignizio, we have produced a commercial for the South Shore Merchant Program – which is promoting the local business of Annadale, Eltingville and Great Kills. How often do you leave the island to purchase the same products that are being sold by your neighbors […]

Magicx Studios launches the A&J Police Equipment website

A & J Police Equipment provides civil servants such as the NYPD, MTA, Court Officers, EMS, Paramedics, EMT’s, Corrections and more with uniforms and equipment as well as tailor & embroidery services. If you or someone you know is in any of these lines of work, chances are they will at some point or another […]

Magicx Studios launches the new Top Notch website

Hopefully one of many clients to come in the NYC fashion district, we have recently had the opportunity to work with Top Notch Pattern Service, a company in business for over 20 years providing the specialized service of pattern grading and marking for some of the most well known fashion designers and clothing companies in […]