Once upon a time in early 2008, a new web design and marketing firm was born in New York City, its name Magicx Studios. In its usual fashion, the dream of entrepreneurship slowly progressed into a thriving business when coupled with vision, a tremendous amount of hard work and the right team of like minded individuals.  Over a decade later,  what was once just a dream is now a force to be reckoned with and a valuable resource we are proud that many business owners can attribute in part to their own growth and successes.  The rest is history. Let’s move on to the present.

Today Magicx Studios prides itself on working with some of the most well known companies and established business-people in NYC as well as plenty of up and coming business with tons of potential.  Our strategy is simple.  The quality of our work is paramount and each project we take on inherently includes building meaningful and lasting relationships, and many times friendships, with high caliber clientele who are also dedicated to providing superior products and services in their community and beyond. To summarize, our primary goal is to  provide our clients with high quality products, superior customer service, and go above and beyond reasonable expectations.

Our Outside of the Box Approach

Magicx Studios encourages our clients and potential clients to think outside of the box. We appreciate the evolving marketing process and the new challenges of doing business in a more complex and ever changing  environment. The challenge to ourselves is to continue the learning process every day, expand upon what we know, and learn what we don’t; this will ensure that we can continue to provide the quality necessary to keep our business in demand.   We also understand that it’s just as important to have the vision as it is to achieve the vision.  Let us help you realize the potential you have for your business together!

Who We Are & What We Do

Magicx Studios is a full service marketing company. To optimally market your business, your products, your brand, or yourself, we believe there are many factors that are required. These factors include Web Development (Programming / Graphic Design), Marketing, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Photography, Market Research & Insight, Well Thought Out Strategy, & a Plan to execute and let’s not forget, style! If you can factor all these aspects into your marketing, we believe it will be extremely effective. When you factor Magicx Studios into your business, you can factor all these items into your business.

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