Also know as Search Engine Optimization, this is the term used to describe your placement or ranking on search engines such as Google or Yahoo for example.  You ability to get a high placement in search engines and ultimately get found is dependent on many variables.  The format of your website, the keywords embedded in your website, the amount of visitors to your site, the amount of competing websites that exist,  etc. etc., can call have an impact on how easy or difficult it is to find your website through either specific or generic keywords.  (It is basically always harder to get found through generic keywords than specific, unique keywords because they are more competing websites fighting for this top placement.)

Although we always strive to assist you in the process inherently, one way to circumvent this issue is through Ad campaigns through such advertisers as Google, Facebook, etc.  This is why you hear often so much about these companies, not to mention there multi billion dollars values.  We can not only develop your awesome website but also strategically create and monitor campaigns to help drive the traffic you want to your website.